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Gus jr 7 months old

WELCOME To GEM Farm Golden Retrievers!

We are Gail and Eric Michaels and we live in (near coastal) Pownal, Maine. We have "embarked" on an exciting new adventure breeding our 3 beautiful Golden Retrievers.
Gracie is now almost 4 years old, Fig 3-1/2 years and Mia 3 years. We also have Rosie, Fig's mother, who is 10 years old and enjoying her golden years. They are all active, fun loving and bring joy to us every day. If you've ever had or known a Golden Retriever, you probably know what I mean.

Our primary goal is to breed sound, healthy puppies which conform to the AKC Standard and express the natural qualities of the breed. This strongly includes Disposition. A Golden's temperament should be friendly, intelligent and loyal. These are very important traits in any dog that will live in your home and play with children.

Responsible breeding starts with screening for the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) clearances: Hips, Elbows, Eyes (done yearly), and Cardiac. We will only breed dams and sires with "good" or "excellent" hip scores done at 24 months or older.
We also use a genetic test panel which screens our dogs, and any potential stud dog, for the rare undesirable inheritable trait. Genetic testing is fairly new and will prove to be an extremely useful tool which is readily available to any breeding program.
At this time, Gracie, Mia and Fig are completely "clear" for genetic issues; and Gracie and Mia are finished with their OFA clearances (Fig is awaiting her eye clearance).

Another goal is to promote the interesting and valuable traits of Golden Retrievers in tracking, hunting, obedience and agility. Owners can work with their dogs in order to participate in organized competitions, assist their community in an official capacity for search and rescue, or serve as valuable comfort and service/companion dogs. These same traits also simply make for a great all around family pet. Observing young pups interact and play with littermates, one can see these innate tendencies in their early stages.

Once a litter is planned and a breeding takes place, we confirm the breeding with a blood test and an ultra sound. At this time we announce the litter and accept deposits of 300 dollars to place you on the specific "Litter Pick List". This list fills in the order we recieve deposits. Once the litter is "on the ground" the deposit is non-refundable; but you can apply it to a future litter if you would like. Puppies will spend their early life happily bonding with their mother and socializing with their littermates, as well as humans. All puppies will receive all appropriate vaccinations and medical attention, and undergo a general health examination by our vet at 7 weeks old. At 8 weeks old the puppies are ready to bid farewell and go to their new homes.

The price for a puppy will be set per litter and will only be sold on AKC "Limited Registration" with a spay/neuter contract.

If you are interested in adding a Golden puppy to your household please contact us for a questionnaire for you to fill out and return to us.